OPI RapiDry - Top Coat 15mL 光澤快乾指甲面油 15ML


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QUICK DRYING nail polish top coat protection for your nails. Use OPI RapiDry in between manicures to help restore NAIL POLISH shade shine.

DESIGNED TO SHINE, SEAL, AND PROTECT WITH ONE COAT, pulling it over the tips of the nails to seal in color.

Suggested Use: Apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, then apply two coats of NAIL POLISH color, finish with OPI Top Coat, then let dry

Country of origin


指甲油是原始的美甲指甲油配方,重新發明了高品質的指甲顏色。 結合 OPI 指甲油和指甲指甲油 RapiDry 快乾上衣塗層,OPI 一定是您每週美甲的首選。


將指甲油快速乾燥護甲油塗在指甲上,作為美甲服務的最後一步。為了獲得最佳效果, 請搭配 OPI 天然底漆和您最喜愛的 OPI 指甲指甲油色調使用。