Alepia - Traditional Aleppo Soap with 1% Laurel Berry Oil阿勒頗初榨橄欖油古皂 (含1%月桂油) 190g


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Alepia 品牌故事

Alepia 敍利亞阿勒頗 天然古皂以千年祖傳純手工製法及配方製成,一皂可以用來洗臉、洗澡、洗頭、洗手及剃鬚,帶比人最原始、最樸實的天然護理感覺,適合一家大小、寶寶、孕婦使用,還被公認為是世上最好的手工皂之一!純粹無添加配方,痘痘、濕疹、牛皮癬、主婦手及痤瘡肌膚適用。正宗傳統阿勒頗天然古皂的配方非常簡單,主要兩大成分是橄欖油及月桂油,配方絕不加入任何化學添加劑,如起泡劑、色素及香料等,採用百分百天然原材料製成。






  • 阿勒頗天然古皂(含 1% 月桂油):適合正常肌膚、乾性膚質
  • 阿勒頗天然古皂(含 25% 月桂油):適合痘痘肌膚、油性膚質
  • 阿勒頗天然古皂(含 40% 月桂油):適合有嚴重炎症的肌膚(如濕疹、牛皮癬等)












With its content of 1% of Laurel oil (compared to the total of oils used in the recipe), this Aleppo soap also makes it possible to effectively combat skin problems that can spoil daily life. Its dermatological efficiency allows it to relieve the tightness of very dry or problem skin. It can be used for facial care such as masks or scrubs. With its very soft and strictly natural formula, this Aleppo soap can be used for children and expectant mothers. Made with naturally occurring ingredients, without preservatives or colorings, Aleppo soap preserves your health and respects the environment.

What does the percentage indicate?

Different percentage on the packaging of Aleppo Soap represents the content of Laurel Berry Oil used in the product. The higher amount of Laurel Berry Oil used, the greater its soothing and repairing power, but lower in its moisturizing effect. If a lesser amount of Laurel Berry Oil is used, the better it can moisturize dry skin.

Which one should I use?

  • Aleppo Soap (with 1% Laurel Berry Oil): Normal/ Dry skin type
  • Aleppo Soap (with 25% Laurel Berry Oil): Acne-prone/ oily skin type
  • Aleppo Soap (with 40% Laurel Berry Oil): Severe skin conditions (i.e. Eczema, Psoriasis)


Olive oil (sodium olivate), bay laurel oil (sodium laurate), water (aqua) about 5%, lye (sodium hydroxide) trace of lye from the saponification.

**Soap with no colour dye and no fragrance added.

How to use:

It can be used during daily cleansing for face, body and hair, including facial care such as masks or scrubs.

Weight: 190g

Hand cut and dried in the open air for nine months. The weight and dimensions are taken from the fresh soap before drying. These values may slightly vary from one soap to another.

Country of Origin:

Aleppo Syria