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Rebecoco - Dew Therapy All-in-One Shampoo 250ml 洗髮水 250ml

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  • 韓國品牌 Rebecoco "Golden Drip" 黃金露滴修護 2 合 1 洗髮露,非方間一般洗髮水。
  • 使用專利露水技術,通過蒸餾 12 種漢方天然草本精華,其中包括黃漆木提取物 (世界上三種靈丹妙藥之一)、枇杷提取物及苦參提取物。
  • 通過多年研發,特別能解決脫髮問題、稀髮、油性頭皮毛、毛孔腫脹等問題。
  • 不含酒精及性質溫和,氣味清香,高效修復受損頭髮,持久使用有助保持秀髮柔順有光澤、穩固髮根、促進頭皮健康,展現美麗人生。


1. 先用溫水把頭髮弄濕。
2. 加入洗髮露起泡後,洗刷髮絲和按摩頭皮,待 3-5 分鐘讓頭髮慢慢吸收養分,然後溫水沖洗頭髮。
3. 並可在患處或敏感部位,塗洗髮露輕輕按摩數分鐘,再用溫水沖洗。

Product features:

  • Korean brand Rebecoco –“Golden Drip” Dew Therapy All-in-One Shampoo is the best designed to strengthen hair & scalp. It is high-concentrated shampoo contains Golden Drip, instead of purified water, that is extracted using REBECOCO's patented dew technique's by distilling the 12 kinds of natural herbs including Dendropanax Morbiferus Sap (one of the three panacea plants in the world) with the strong aroma, Eriobotrya Japonica and Sophora Flavescens.
  • It has been developed through researches for many years & specially to solve the problems of hair-loss, thin hair, oily scalp hair, swollen pores. Under daily polluted air, the accumulated residue is completely removed to effectively strengthen the hair and scalp. 
  • Human’s skin and hair are in the most stable condition when its pH is 5.5 (Subacid). Golden Drip is subacid. Alkaline products’ cleansing action is too strong and thus can even remove oil and water required and if the skin & hair becomes alkaline, it creates a great environment for bacteria to proliferate.
  • This is all-purpose shampoo that can take care of the scalp to hair at one go. It is alcohol-free and mild shampoo. A combination of shampoo, conditioner and essence.

Dendropanax Morbifera Extract, Japanese Medlar Extract, Perilla Frutescens Extract, Saururus Chinensis Extract, Strubby Sophora Extract, Acorus Gramineus Extract, Chinese Liquorice Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Schizonepeta Extract, Lycium Chinense Extract, Annual Wormwood Seed Extract, Pleuropterus Multiflorus Extract

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