HEIDI'S Nail Solution 8ml HEIDI'S 皇牌指甲修護霜 8ml

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HEIDI'S 皇牌指甲修護霜 8ml


  • 適合水晶甲、樹脂甲、指甲龜裂、斷甲、黃甲、灰甲、咬甲及有甲紋等情況;
  • 強化甲質、恢復彈性及光澤、幫助指甲增長。
大豆精華、 棉花籽精華、 羊脂

  • 男女老少使用。
  • 由於HEIDI’S Nail Solution 皇牌指甲修護霜是非常濃縮的產品,每次使用以一粒紅豆的分量塑於五隻指甲上,按摩指甲表面和其表皮,直到完全吸收。
  • 每天早晚塗上,連續使用7-10天,效果顯著。




HEIDI'S Nail Solution 8ml

Product Info
Our classic, protein rich nail strengthener and cuticle repair creme nourishes and repairs nails, giving flexible strength and a healthy glow. Enriched with soybean protein, cottonseed oil and lanolin. This treatment is equally popular for both men and women.

How to use
For regular maintenance of nails and cuticles, use a small amount of Heidi's Nail Solution, equal to the size of a small pea, to treat all 5 nails and cuticles on each hand. Massage onto the nail plate and cuticle, wipe away excess with finger and apply it to the next nail. Apply twice daily for faster results.

Enriched with soybean protein, cottonseed oil and lanolin.

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