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Pharmabelle Geranium Floral Water 250ml 天竺葵花水 250ml


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天竺葵的天然香氣帶你進入大自然的田園氣色。適合頻密使用。大量噴灑至面部(閉目) 及身體達至怡神及保濕作用。在潔膚後噴灑花水及跟隨使用Pharmabelle面部護理油或健身護理油最佳。



The natural scent of Geranium brings you to the blossoming field. Good for frequent use. Spray generously on the face (eyes closed) or body for the refreshing scent and hydrating action. Best result to use after cleansing followed by Pharmabelle face treatment oil or body tonic oil/ lotion.

Paraben, sulphate, and alcohol-free. Against animal testing.

Made in Australia.